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Title: Through Darkness and Silence
Chapters: 1/?
Author: venomousliberty
Genre: romance, drama and fluff
Rating: PG-13 for now
Warnings: none
Pairings: Aoi/Uruha or Yuu/Kouyou
Summary: How does love happen between a blind and a mute?
Beta Reader: the wonderful veroxion~
Comments: I’m sorry for the long wait. I had a lot of hesitations with this chapter. Indeed, I did dig my grave starting this multi-chaptered fic. *slumps against a wall* Nonetheless, please read on and tell me what you think. Any comments will be given as snacks to my depraved plot bunnies LOL. And thank you so much to the awesomeveroxion for helping me out. This chapter would probably take longer to post if it wasn’t for  her help~ Yay! :D
For: erisawachika

Previous Chapter:


Chapter One

The relaxing smell of freshly brewed coffee and the sweet scent of cinnamon and chocolate immediately filled his nose when he stepped inside the coffee shop, ears picking up the sound of light whispers, hushed conversations and the soft melodious symphony of classical music playing in the background. Before he could further delve inside the establishment, he heard the light patter of footsteps and sensed a calm yet eager presence coming his way. He placed a friendly smile on his face and waited, an automatic gesture his body made whenever he felt someone approaching him.

“Good morning.” He heard a female greet, her voice was young, friendly and accommodating. “Would you like me to lead you to a table?”

As expected, an employee of the store had immediately noticed him, which was a usual occurrence for him. With the white cane he always brought and the dark sunglasses he often wore, it was pretty easy to determine that Takashima Kouyou was blind, his sense of sight taken by a mysterious illness that struck him when he was eight. Even though darkness was the only thing his eyes could perceive since that incident, he knew that the woman in front of him smiled. It wasn’t difficult to tell with the positive aura the female was exuding.

As a blind man, he had learned to live with his disability and accept the horrible truth that colors had no more meaning to him, that he would no longer see his parents’ or his friends’ faces, that he would never see emotions reflected in people’s eyes and he would no longer have the opportunity to appreciate physical beauty. But with the loss of something so vital in a human’s life, he had developed the ability to use his remaining senses to function, to rely on his sense of touch and smell to know what an object is, to use his ears and trust his instincts to find a specific location or predict people’s moods. Of course, there were rare times that he wished he could still witness the fall of the cherry blossoms in his parents’ backyard in spring, or watch how green turned to deep orange and blazing red when autumn arrived, or search for elaborately-patterned snowflakes in winter, but he had already accepted the fact that he would live like this till he meet his end and until that time came, all he wanted to do was live as normally as he possibly could.

Although Kouyou normally preferred to accomplish things on his own, this wasn’t the usual coffee shop he frequented to and he had no idea about the layout of the entire place. It was only safe and logical to accept the employee’s assistance. With a small nod and his friendly smile still in place, he politely replied. “Yes, please.”

Immediately, warm soft fingers encircled his slender wrist and guided his hand atop a frail shoulder before he was led to a table, their movements slow, cautious. Two steps forward from the door, five steps to the right, he counted. At least he wouldn’t have a hard time finding the exit when he left later. The soft cry of the chair lightly scratching and bumping against a smooth floor echoed in his ears before the woman spoke again. “Here you go.”

“Thank you.” he said and carefully sat on the offered seat.

“Would you like me to take your order?”

“No, it’s okay. I’m still waiting for someone.”

“Okay. But if you need any help, just raise your hand and I’ll come running.”

Kouyou just nodded and heard the woman scuttle off to the direction where the sound of a working blender was coming from, giving him an idea as to where the counter was. Finally alone, he folded his cane and took his sunglasses off, placing both items on top of the table, his fingers gliding over the smooth wooden surface as he leaned comfortably against the backrest of his seat, noting that the coffee shop had a quiet and cozy atmosphere, definitely a perfect environment for a casual meeting. A small smile made its way onto his lips as he remembered the interesting encounter he had with a certain stranger yesterday.

He had gone to the park for a stroll, hoping that he could find a good spot to enjoy the warm morning sun. Kouyou remembered walking and feeling his way into the park for a couple of minutes until he stumbled upon a wooden bench with his cane, the long seat located near a group of trees who sang to him while their branches danced with the cool spring breeze. When he was about to sit down, he sensed a serene presence settled on the other side of the bench. Leaning closer, he heard the sound of a soft snore vibrating from a stranger’s throat, confirming that he was indeed not alone. Despite knowing that a stranger had already occupied the bench, he still chose to stay and when the mysterious being suddenly awakened, Kouyou suddenly found himself having an interesting conversation with Yuu, a person who couldn’t use his voice to express himself, a mute.

How can a blind understand a mute?

How can a mute converse with a blind?

It seemed quite difficult for him to properly communicate with someone who couldn’t speak. After all, how could he understand sign language or read a mute’s note or writing if he couldn’t see? But Yuu proved him wrong and made him realize that they could still communicate with their sense of touch. Of course, it was an unconventional and inconvenient method of communicating, but despite the difficulty, they amazingly managed to understand each other and actually exchange thoughts.

Unfortunately, their meeting was cut short when Yuu’s cell phone suddenly beeped, signaling the arrival of a text message. After that, the mute hurriedly informed him that he had to leave because of an urgent appointment. A feeling of sadness and loss gripped him when he heard the other man walk away, but surprise and happiness suddenly overwhelmed him when Yuu went back, took his hand and asked him out for coffee, messily writing in his palm that he’d love to meet him again.

Usually, he would think twice in accepting a stranger’s invitation, basically because his brother Akira always reminded him that he should be careful with the people he met, but since he found Yuu immensely amusing and he thought it’d be nice to know more about the enigmatic mute, he immediately agreed. And besides, he also sensed that Yuu was a good person, judging from the kind yet playful aura that radiated off him.

While Kouyou’s inner musings kept him occupied, the person he was so excited to meet was currently standing at the entrance, a huge grin present on a pair of full lips. To say that Yuu was happy was an understatement. He was ecstatic and he felt his heart leaping all the way to the moon once he caught sight of the gorgeous blond. Taking a deep breath, he fixed the collar of his coat, as if Kouyou would be able to see and appreciate his dashing looks, and made his way towards where he was waiting, his heart beating loudly in his ribcage as he took a step closer to his destination.

Kouyou’s sharp ears instantly picked up the sound of approaching footsteps. This one was a bit heavier, a little fast and also quite familiar. He turned his head towards its source and waited, a smile lurking on his lips. Then, he felt a gentle hand on his shoulder and couldn’t stop himself from the cheerful grin that instantly adorned his face. “Hello, Yuu.” he greeted softly. He didn’t need anymore clues to confirm that it was really Yuu. He remembered the other man’s warmth, remembered the gentleness of the other’s touch, recognized his tranquil and charismatic aura.

Yuu’s heart skipped a beat at the pleasant greeting, deeply hypnotized by the mesmerizing smile on Kouyou’s face. It didn’t help that the sun streaming through the windows created a glowing effect around Kouyou and his golden locks, making him look like an angel that went down from the heavens to save him. Did Kouyou have any idea how beautiful he was? Was he even aware of the unnatural charm he possessed? He didn’t know how long he stared and willingly stayed under the blond’s spell, but when he snapped out of it, he soon realized that he looked like an idiot and what the—was that saliva leaking from the corner of his lips? The raven shook his head and held his breath as he stopped the sudden tremor that ran through his body. He slid in the seat next to the blond, smiling back at the gorgeous visage that regarded him. With anticipation and with gentleness, he took the blond’s hand in his, a delicious chill running down his spine and began writing on the other man’s palm.

“I hope I’m not late.”

Kouyou let out a small chuckle, hoping that his voice wouldn’t sound shaky or nervous. For some reason he suddenly felt that his heart had just declared war on him. It was beating at a peculiarly fast pace and all because he had just felt Yuu’s hand on his and a pair of intense eyes boring right through him. Was Yuu staring at him? “No, I believe you’re just in time. I was just really early.”

“Have you ordered?” Yuu asked, somehow thankful that he couldn’t speak for he knew his voice would give him away. He definitely didn’t want Kouyou to know that he was nervous or that he couldn’t take his eyes off him.

“No. I wanted to wait for you first.” The blond casually replied, causing the raven’s heart to flip like mad, coaxing a wild blush on his cheeks. Seriously, how could this man get any cuter?

“Wow, thanks.”  he answered and silently inhaled a deep breath to calm his raging nerves. “I shall order for us then. What would you like to have?”

Kouyou shook his head. “You don’t really have to.” He didn’t want to be a burden to Yuu and also, he could buy his own drink. The other didn’t really need to be so accommodating of him.

“I insist. Just let me do this, please?” Yuu replied with a pleading and determined expression on his face. Since he was the last to arrive and the other had kindly waited for him, he thought it was just right that he made up for the other’s effort.

“Okay, then.” Kouyou answered with an appreciative smile. “I’ll have a green tea frappe.”

Yuu almost jumped in triumph and grinned. “Got it. I’ll be right back.” And with that, he ran off to the counter. He retrieved his phone from his pocket, opened the notepad application and began typing on it. When he reached the counter, Yuki’s dazzling smile instantly greeted him.

“Good morning! What will you have today, Yuu?” The young woman eagerly asked, her huge doe eyes twinkling in glee. Yuu was a regular customer of the coffee shop and he knew almost all the employees in the establishment, even the owner, who thought that Yuu was his lucky charm because ever since the raven had walked inside the shop, business had been great. The mute didn’t know if he should believe the owner’s story or not, but knowing that someone thought special of him brought a warm feeling to his chest.

The raven smiled back at the employee and showed her the screen of his phone, but he probably looked a little too excited at that time because he saw the beginnings of a playful smirk almost cracking in Yuki’s thin, glossed lips. She looked at his phone and as he expected, gave him a teasing grin. “An Americano and a green tea frappe? This isn’t Ruki-kun’s usual drink.”

The mute rolled his eyes and feigned annoyance before he began tapping keys on his phone. “I’m not with Ruki!”

The young lady chuckled. “I can tell.”  she said as her dark eyes looked pointedly at the ethereal creature sitting quietly on one of the tables. “Mind telling me who your date is?”

Yuu stole a glance at Kouyou, his cheeks burning in embarrassment. Though his sexual preference wasn’t really a surprise for most people who knew him, he still felt slightly abashed that Yuki thought that he was out on a date. He had not dated since he broke up with Yutaka, which was six months ago. Since then, no one had really caught his interest... except Kouyou. Did he already mention that he had no intention of dating him?

“Anyway, he came here a few minutes earlier than you.” Yuki stated after yelling out his order to the barista and began punching Yuu’s orders in the computer. “Nana-chan helped him get to a table. He seems to be pretty nice and for a guy, he’s very beautiful.” The woman continued and threw him another sly grin. “Are you sure you’re not out on a date with him?”

Yuu shook his head and scowled at the annoying cashier. If he was out on a date with Kouyou, he wouldn’t invite him to a coffee shop. They would go somewhere special, somewhere beautiful... somewhere magical... somewhere... wait. Didn’t he just say that he had no plans of dating Kouyou? He immediately squashed that idea in his head and tried to look unaffected by Yuki’s teasing. He only wanted to be friends with the gorgeous blond, not be his lover. He furiously typed on his phone and showed his reply to the evil female. “I told you I’m not! Get on it and take my money, you nosy woman!”

Yuki just ignored his angry response and accepted his money.


As to how they ended up playing 21 questions and how it was even possible for them to practice an activity usually played by people capable of speech and sight, Yuu didn’t know, but he was having a great time thinking of random questions to ask Kouyou and hearing the blond’s melodious voice as he listened to his answers, his heart singing in joy as he learned more about the gorgeous blond. He had asked about Kouyou’s usual activities and likes, learning that the blond was a literature and history teacher in a private academy, that he was a huge fan of Italian food and he strongly disliked spinach, olives and blue cheese, that he found the duck as his spirit animal because he was teased as one by his playmates when he was young due to his naturally pouty lips. Yuu also found out that the other man sometimes enjoyed drinking and that he loved vodka and champagne, that he had an older brother who tended to be very protective of him, that he collected eccentric rings and perfumes and that he found the sound of chirping crickets creepy and the sound of guitars captivating, which caused the raven to pump his fist in the air because he knew how to play the guitar and he was also very good at it.

Yuu only had one question left, the twenty-first query and honestly, he had no idea what to ask. As much as possible, he wanted to stick to the simple and innocent questions he’d been throwing at the blond, although the urge to ask a very personal one like, ‘Have you had any lovers?’ was very, very strong. Not that he was interested in Kouyou’s love life, but he was just curious as to how many people have fallen for the blond’s gorgeous charms. Also, they’d only known each other for a day. Surely, it was still inappropriate for him to force their conversation into a more personal and serious subject. He took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his neck, attempting to formulate a good question which was unfortunately, still inquiring about the blond’s romantic relationships.

Meanwhile, Kouyou was just quiet, patiently waiting for Yuu’s next question, a contented smile present on his lips, all the while thinking of inquiries that he could ask to the other later once Yuu had finished his turn. He was thrilled to know more about the mute as well and was looking forward to how Yuu’s emotions would change when he answered all of his questions. Of course, he wasn’t going to ask him anything difficult or personal yet, though he had started to wonder as to what the other man looked like. Sure, he couldn’t see and he had no way of telling a person’s physical appearance, but he could use his hands, his trusty sense of touch to determine if Yuu really was what he had thought he would be. He wondered if Yuu would allow him to touch his face if he asked nicely? His brows furrowed in concentration as he fell deeper to his thoughts, until he heard the raven shift in his seat and begin writing on his palm again.

“What do you want to do right now?”  Yuu asked, thinking that he probably just gave a stupid question. What if Kouyou answered that what they were doing was ridiculous and that he wanted to go home? What if Kouyou replied that he wanted to leave or that he didn’t want to meet him again? He shoved those thoughts aside and mentally kicked himself. That was just his overreacting mind being an ass.

Kouyou’s smile widened at the question, instantly seeing the opportunity that had opened up for him. “This probably sounds creepy, but... I really want to touch your face.”

Surprise flickered in obsidian saucers. Did he just hear him right? Kouyou wanted to touch his face? Why? Then, he remembered reading a book about a blind man who touched people’s faces to know what they look like and suddenly, everything clicked into place. With a tender smile gracing his face, he took both of Kouyou’s hands and slowly brought them to his face, heat suddenly creeping on his cheeks, spreading slowly through his body at the wonderful sensation those slender fingers had produced.

Kouyou took a silent deep breath when his fingers trailed along the raven’s cheeks, tracing the graceful arch of beautiful cheekbones that led to a fine jaw, his breath stuck in his throat when roughness created by a newly shaved stubble in an impeccable chin tickled his senses. Then, with his index finger, he searched for the other’s lips, his throat running dry as he realized how soft and plump they were. His body began to shiver as a familiar emotion swirled inside him but still, he continued with his exploration, his digit now gliding upwards where he knew the eyes and nose were located. Using the index and middle finger of his one hand, he traced the outline of a perfectly shaped nose while the other passed over a fine eyebrow and around a currently closed eye, brushing the pads of his digits over a set of thick eyelashes.

As the blind man continued with his research of Yuu’s face, the said subject of exploration was currently breathless, motionless. He was afraid to move, even take a deep breath in fear of disturbing Kouyou and halting the pleasant sensation that hummed through his body. It was like getting a facial massage, only better... way better.

“I think you’re very good-looking, Yuu.” Kouyou complimented and felt the other man’s breath hitch, obviously surprised by his sudden praise. “Is your hair black?” he then inquired as a hand slipped into fine threads of silky hair and reveled in the feeling of those smooth locks curled around his fingers. Yuu’s head moved to a slight nod, confirming his question, which made him let out an amused laugh. “And I bet you have dark eyes too?”

The mute released a small noise that resembled a laugh and nodded again.

“You’re not just good-looking. I think you’re handsome.” Kouyou slowly pulled his hands away and smiled appreciatively. “Thank you.” he quietly added..

Yuu just looked at the charismatic being before him, a sense of loss welling up inside him when the gentle caresses ended. He had wanted them to stay that way, allow Kouyou to continue touching him, let the other know more about him, but the brief marvelous experience had to end, just like all good things on Earth. He let out a sigh, finally relaxing his stiff shoulders and placed a smile on his lips when he saw the genuinity of the blind man’s smile, the grateful gleam in those deep brown eyes. He lifted a hand and bestowed a gentle touch on Kouyou’s pretty face, hoping that his small action would let the other know that he was more than happy to grant him his request.


When Takanori entered a spacious apartment located somewhere in Ikebukuro, the familiar sound of strings being expertly plucked and strummed immediately welcomed him, coaxing his lips to part in disbelief. He paused in the foyer, his perfectly-shaped eyebrows furrowed in concentration as he listened to the rhythmic melody that currently floated through the air, utterly shocked when he finally realized that he was hearing the sound of an acoustic guitar being played.

In a split second and without even bothering to take his stylish leather boots off, he ran towards the origin of the beautiful sound and found the individual that created the mellifluous tune. “That is beautiful!” he exclaimed enthusiastically, effectively catching the attention of the man who was immersed in composing his new song.

Yuu immediately looked up and stared straight into a pair of familiar, midnight blue eyes. In any normal circumstances, he would’ve already thrown his shoe or any nearest object around to anyone who would disturb him from what he was doing, but since he was in a good mood and he saw the look of immense happiness in his friend’s face, he decided to ignore the fact that Takanori had just about troubled the entire neighborhood with his high-pitched howl. He gave his friend a smirk and signed. “I’m inspired.”

Takanori eagerly approached him and flopped himself on the seat across Yuu, his short, golden hair swaying with his brash movement. He had been friends with Yuu since middle school and he was one of the few people in the mute man’s life who was knowledgeable of sign language.

“What happened? What did you do? How did you get over your slump?” he asked with eagerness, as if he was a reporter who had just gotten an instant exclusive interview with a famous celebrity.

Yuu laid the guitar he was cradling on his lap beside him before replying to his friend’s series of inquiries. “I don’t know. It just came. I guess it’s because I had a great day.”

Takanori’s eyes instantly widened in understanding as a loud gasp escaped him. “You met someone didn’t you?” he blurted out, his tone almost accusing, which only made the raven grin in reply.

“Yes, I did.” Yuu responded, his heart skipping a beat as he recalled every fine feature in Kouyou’s lovely visage and the things that had transpired between them during their meeting this morning. “And he’s unlike any person I’ve met before.”


On the other side of Ikebukuro, in a relatively nice apartment, Kouyou had just finished washing the dishes and was now currently wiping his hands dry with a towel. After finishing his task, he hung the piece of terry cloth on one of the hooks located near the dish cabinet and strolled towards the living room. He didn’t bother with the lights in the kitchen or turning the ones on in the living room when he entered. Filling his house with light would be useless, anyway.

With practiced ease, he successfully reached the sofa and settled on it, his hands immediately searching for the braille book he was reading. He only had a few pages left and if he got too engrossed in the story, he’d probably finish it this evening. He opened the thick reading material and picked up where he left off, his fingers gliding over the series of dots that resembled certain characters and letters. But despite making out what characters he were reading, his mind was light years away from the story he was trying to comprehend and understand.

Kouyou’s brows furrowed in slight frustration as he paused from his movements and let out a soft sigh. It seemed that Yuu had taken a huge part of his brain with him when they parted ways after their meeting. Knowing that he would never get to continue with his reading, at least for tonight, he placed the book back on the table and laid down on the couch, his feet dangling off the edge since the piece of furniture was too short for his tall frame. He attempted to focus on the sound of traffic that filtered through his window, picking up the sound of a speeding motorcycle that passed by and the sound of men cackling drunkenly as they made their way back to their respective homes. But as soon as everything was quiet again and all he could perceive was the soft buzz of the airconditioner, his mind floated back to the beautiful enigma that was Yuu, excitement running down his spine like a jolt of electricity at the thought of spending another day with the mute tomorrow.

Yuu mentioned that he knew how to play the guitar and since he had shown interest in the beautiful musical instrument, the raven had kindly offered to teach him. He had initially refused, knowing how difficult the activity would be for the both of them, but Yuu had insisted and promised that he’d find a way to make communication between them easier. Since he could feel the other’s avidity to mentor him, he basically had no choice but to agree. And besides, he also wanted to spend more time with Yuu. The amusing individual was such a joy to be with, after all.

The sudden vibration of his phone in his pocket suddenly disturbed him from his  thoughts. He lazily took his phone from his pocket, thinking that he had probably received a text message from his brother Akira, but a soft gasp escaped him when the voiceover feature in his phone told him otherwise.

“Text message received from Yuu at 7:44 PM. Hey, Kou. Just finished tuning my guitar for tomorrow. I’m excited to see you again. Goodnight.”


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And you deserve this spot, bb~ XDD
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This is so sweet and so beautiful and just pure love. Was sad to reach the end of the chapter but excited to read the next one. Feel like I've been whisked away and the world at least for a little while is perfect. The scene where Kouyou is 'seeing' Yuu's face is just breathtaking. Thank you for such an amazing and beautiful story.
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